How to Drastically Increase Your Sales in Real Estate


You want to be a major player in the league of highly successful realtors and to do that, you want (and need) to significantly boost your sales. Where – and how – do you begin to boost your sales?

Let’s start at the very beginning

Becoming a power real estate agent began when you first decided to become a realtor. Interviews of highly successful realtors across the United States reveal a certain consistency of responses about how they built their sales successes. Many of them connect their dramatic sales results to the steps they followed from the very the beginning of their careers.

  • Learn from the best. Select a mentor or mentors. Study the habits and techniques of your mentor(s) and others who are accomplishing what you aspire to do. Ask questions at every opportunity.
  • Be a student of you. Learn from your mistakes and your successes and keep track of both. Periodically review your goals and measure your progress. Review the mistakes and make adjustments; review the successes and replicate.
  • Know the neighborhoods of your local market intimately. As one power agent put it, top agents “are walking,

Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Agents


Congratulations! You are a newly-licensed real estate agent and have signed on with a well-known, quality brokerage. You’re even scheduled for some floor time and open house support. Are you feeling a little lost, wondering how to begin marketing your business?

Find a mentor

Take a look around your new office and notice who are the successful agents and what they do to be successful agents. A mentor knows the local market and can provide insight into its challenges and opportunities. Your mentor can offer marketing strategies and tips, and cheer your successes.

  • “First, establish a relationship with those you would like to learn from.” Find an opportunity to create a win-win: your real estate career isn’t all about you. Think of what you can do to help your mentor and your clients.

Develop a Plan

A solid business plan is your GPS for success. It should include realistic goals for marketing, professional development, expenses, and sales. Review your plan weekly and take note of what works and what doesn’t work in marketing and client building. Your plan should be pliable, adapting as goals are met

How to Generate Real Estate Leads Online


Social Media Marketing

1- Listing properties on social media is very easy. Simply copy the URL of the property listing that you are trying to sell, then past and post it on your personal and/or company Facebook page. This action will result in displaying your property to everyone who liked your page or to those who are in contact with you.

2- Posting regular articles and updates about your business and industry will position you as a reputable real estate agent with great knowledge and authority.

3- Facebook is one of the best sources for lead generation. There are several social media strategies designed to engage and encourage the user to provide his/her contact information through a simple form. This may be fulfilled in exchange for a free home evaluation or a list of foreclosed homes in a particular area.

4- Social Media marketing provide advertisers with the tools and options to target users both geographically and demographically as well as by interest. Social media marketing campaigns when designed and implemented properly can result in providing a large number of leads at an affordable cost.

5- Twitter is another

How To Attract Millennial Buyers

How To Attract Millennial BuyersAlthough they are still considered the younger generation, Millennials are now at the stage of their lives where they will begin to purchase Tampa Palms Homes for sale for sale either for themselves or their entire family. But, not just any home will please the average Millennial! Here’s how you can attract these buyers to your listing:

Go green.

Millennials take sustainability very seriously, so they are looking for homes that allow them to live a greener life. Have you upgraded to energy efficient appliances in the kitchen? Did you recently install a programmable thermostat or motion sensor lights? Mention all of these features in your listing to draw in millennial buyers.

Home office.

Millennials are definitely breaking the mold when it comes to their work habits. Gone are the days of commuting to work and clocking in for a typical 8-5 shift. Today, Millennials have more flexible work schedules working for employers who allow them to come in a little earlier or later than usual if they wish. Millennials are also working from home a lot more than any other

How to Choose the Very Best Letting Agent

What is a letting agent and how do you seek out the best ones from those looking for a fast buck and low ranking of customer satisfaction and service? OK, so you have a property – you don’t want to let it go and you’d like to make some cash from it by letting it out.

Letting out a flat or house to friends or family members can be difficult when it comes to collecting the monthly rent and making sure all your tenants’ needs are addressed. Worse still is letting your home out to strangers who may default regularly on monthly rent fees, damage your furniture, misuse white goods or generally keep the place in an ill-state of repair.

This is why it can be so much simpler to use a letting agency to handle all the trouble and strife you can encounter when strangers move into your home. A letting agent will keep your home managed and will be the first (and last) point of contact with the tenant at all times. The only monies you will have to fork out are the letting agent fees, which often cost around 10 per

Succeesful Real Estate Lead Generation Is In The Doing

In stating the obvious, in order to get real estate leads you must participate in real estate lead generation. In fact you must do a lot of it. You can’t do it today, a few hours next week or month. It must be done daily.

Yes you can get some leads if you are inconsistent. But to be a true real estate professional, living a successful career as a top earning agent, you need to do real estate lead generation every single day; for the rest of your career. This is non negotiable. OK?

It Must Be A Priority

Lead generation must be a priority. In fact you must subscribe to the belief that dealing with business never takes preference over finding business. Doing lead generation everyday must come first before anything else gets done. If you don’t adopt this mantra you’ll allow other things to affect your day and this activity will become insignificant and most likely will not get done. If you are casual about it, then you will suffer casualties in your business.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge most agents face is not doing some lead generation but doing it consistently. It’s the one stumbling block that knocks most agents out of

Tips for Real Estate Marketing Newsletters

What’s happening on your real estate beat? Did you make a note of it? Great! It’s another excellent idea for your newsletter.

A real estate marketing newsletter is an opportunity for you to be in regular contact with past and current clients, and introduce yourself to future clients. But for your newsletters to be a valuable marketing tool, they have to serve a purpose for your readership. Let’s look at some strategies for your newsletter.

Supporting your marketing campaign

Real estate marketing specialists recommend that you have a clear strategy for your newsletter marketing campaign before you start writing.

  • Target market – identify who you are trying to stay in contact with. One newsletter can’t serve many markets.


    • First-time buyers
    • Retirees
    • Investment buyers


  • Paper vs email – your format decision may be determined by your budget. Both paper and email newsletters have their merits and challenges:


    • Paper newsletters are a tangible item that can impress readers with their physical presence. They can be shared with others, left in waiting rooms, and given out at client meetings. They also are expensive to produce.
    • Email newsletters are less expensive and less formal. Many people disregard email newsletters that are poorly designed or arrive with spam-like frequency.

This is a budget-friendly option for communicating

Aerial Photography Is the Next Big Thing in Real Estate

Photography for Real Estate Marketing

Real estate photos can make or break a listing. Bad (or no) images can lose a potential buyer as fast as they can click on to the next offering. The best agents put up the maximum number of images, and make sure they showcase the best features of the home.

The least successful agents whip out a cell phone and snap a few poorly-lit pictures, and hope that people browsing the listings will just use their imagination.

The best agents hire the photography out – to make sure that the images are as good as they can be. After all, the object of marketing a sales listing is to entice potential buyers to pick up the phone and call for a showing. Good photos can make that happen, and bad ones simply won’t.

In the latest trend for this competitive business, the top-of-the-top agents are also making sure to include aerial photography images, especially with higher-end listings.

The Images Every Real Estate Listing Should Have

  • Front view, back view
  • Door, nicely framed, inviting the viewer to come inside
  • Kitchen, especially if recently updated
  • Appliances, especially if upgraded
  • Landscaping, with as much color and interest as possible
  • Outdoor spaces like porches, patios, cabanas, pools
  • Accessory buildings, guest quarters,

Placing Your Home in the Market

Marketing your home in Aruba can seem intimidating because of all the conflicting resources you have at your disposal. Should you market your home to locals? To tourists? Should you keep it as a second home and rent it out as a vacation rental? Where should you advertise- online, in print, by word of mouth? For anyone struggling to wade through the many options here are 5 simple ways to market your home without going crazy:

  1. Market online: Marketing your home online can take up a lot of time, but it is one of the best ways to get information about your home for sale out into the world. Considering the vast amount of blogs, real estate websites and social media pages that exists, you might want to choose one or two of each and go from there. If you already have a personal website, blog, Facebook or Twitter page posting on these sites is relatively easy; give your name, a few essential details about the home for sale, and contact information for anyone who might be interested. If you are working with a real estate agency they will help you draw up an ad for your hoe to be placed

Advantages and Disadvantages of Telemarketing in Real Estate Marketing

In today’s world telemarketing can be very effective. It can help a business generate leads, make sales, and increase profits. BUT, is it a good idea to do this in the real estate market? This article will examine that concept by looking at advantages and disadvantages of doing it.

One big advantage to using telemarketers in real estate is that it is more cost-effective to use a minimum wage staff as opposed to a higher-priced sales staff. It is also useful in reaching out to other geographical areas, when attempting to solicit new business. Likewise; it is necessary to keep up with current clients, having a telemarketing staff is a great way to do this; as the work is dispersed efficiently to them.

In more recent times real estate developers have begun to use telemarketers as powerful tools to reach a broad range of customers. As we mentioned, it is more cost-effective than using direct sales methods. Your telemarketing crew can reach more people in a short time span. You can always subcontract this work to an outside telemarketing firm. Then; on days where there is not much business, there are NO employees sitting around wasting time AND getting paid for it.

Easy Lead Generation Plan For Mortgage Originators

Some loan officers build their business based on social media, others develop relationships, and still others advertise using such tools as: direct mail and email marketing. Whatever approach or combination of approaches are used to generate leads, successful loan officers create and follow a plan on how they will generate their business. As with anything in life, what works for you today may not work tomorrow, so your business and the way you generate activity should be constantly changing and adapting to the market. With every new improvement, enhancement, and/or technological advancement your lead generation plan has to be able to grow and develop. The mortgage business or any sales field in general will take time and effort to build. If you stay focused, you will be able to create a system that consistently produces leads and future income. The following is a list of lead generation ideas that can be used by loan officers to increase the amount of leads and business they receive.

  • Relationship Building – The number one source of leads in the mortgage business is from licensed real estate agents. Other relationship sources include, but are not limited to: accountants, insurance agents, and attorneys. Creating a system

7 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

Real Estate Marketing Tools- Traditional

Aside from the well-known bandit signs and billboard signs, there are many other traditional real estate marketing tools that are still working for many professionals in the industry. While online real estate marketing is still raking in most of the real estate sales and leads, it’s foolish to ignore other avenues that are still generating clients and revenue for some of the most prolific real estate agents and companies in the world.

Seven Offline Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should be Using

To help you get a better idea at what offline real estate marketing tools are working in this online marketing-driven climate, I’ve put together some of the most effective offline realtor tools for you:

  1. Host a Broker Event. This will help you network with the people in your industry about the topics that matter most. This is an excellent way to keep an ear to the ground and possibly get ideas for your blog, fill holes in your marketing strategies and even come to an agreement with colleagues that might find clients you need, but they have no use for.
  2. Print Media. A standard-bearing classic in offline real estate marketing tools, be sure to invest in

How to Utilize Facebook in Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

The internet lends real estate professionals more opportunities than ever before when it comes to advertising both their services and the properties that they are currently working with. While many are already familiar with the concept of hosting a website that contains listings for people to view, social media is something that a large number of agents are currently not taking advantage of.

There are a number of platforms that are useful for advertising your services, with Facebook perhaps being the most popular. With almost 1.5 billion active users in 2015, the importance of the platform should not be underestimated, so here are a few ways that you can use it to your advantage.

Customer Interaction

One of the biggest benefits Facebook offers is the ability to interact directly with potential customers and find out what they are looking for from your service. You can conduct polls and ask direct questions to your followers before using the collected information to further improve the service that you provide and thus ensure you are giving people what they want.

It is also an excellent customer service tool that offers people the opportunity to ask you questions from the comfort of their own home. By taking a

Using Technological Tools To Market Properties

In today’s information age, property agents need to find and use technology tools to sell a property. Gone are the days where property agents just need to place ads in newspapers with plain text to snag a potential buyer.

As the owners of the property get more internet savvy, more of them will be inclined to sell or rent on their own, without the need for property agents. Transaction data is readily available on the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) web and tools such as Streetsine’s X-Value are also available to home owners. Even property portals who have been immensely loyal to property agents so far, are not immune to the fact that more home owners are DIY sellers as well. ST Property, the internet arm of SPH (Singapore Press Holdings) allows home owners to list their property for free, with add-ons such as featured listing also available to them for a small fee.

It is definitely much tougher for agents at the moment with dwindling interest from buyers and plummeting transaction volumes. As the industry moves into the technological age, agents with the knowhow have a huge advantage over those who are still using traditional methods of marketing.

The most common new-age marketing

Why Real Estate Agent Should Handle Real Estate Sales

Selling or buying property is one of the things that most of us will find ourselves engaged in at some point in our life. When the opportunity to sell property comes, there are high hopes of making some good profits by property owners. At times the urge to “maximize on the profit” becomes so high that property owners decide to get buyers by themselves. In the process they overlook and bypass legitimate and qualified professionals who have a vast knowledge of the property market and trends that could benefit the property owner.

Some property owners end up selling their homes without involving real estate professionals. However many people believe you are better off selling your home with the help of an agent than doing it alone. Below are some valid and strong reasons why property owners stand higher and better chances of succeeding in selling their homes with the help of professional agents.

Reason #1: Agents increase your chances of selling your home faster and at a better price

real estate price

Professional real estate agents can help you price your house correctly. They have access to the latest price trends on the market. If your property is not priced well from the beginning,

Why Real Estate SEO Is Different From Standard SEO

When it comes to real estate SEO, you might as well take everything that you’ve read about in those basic SEO guides and toss them right out the window.

Real estate SEO is a horse of a different color for many reasons, but for one in particular: whereas other websites can be optimized to bring in leads one time and then convert them into long-term clients, real estate SEO has to work over and over again, constantly bringing in new leads and converting them into new clients.


Because the average person doesn’t buy a house one day and then come back a week later to buy another!

What Makes It Unique

Sure, there is loyalty in the real estate game-when you get your clients a great deal and make everything run smoothly for them, chances are they will come back to you when they move again (or if you’re in the higher end of the market, buy a second or third home).

But let’s face facts here: that turnaround time isn’t something many real estate agents can bank on. Plus, since most agents only sell locally and most moves are made into a specific region or area, chances are that you won’t be getting a

Technology and Tools to Boost Up Your Real Estate Dealings

The real estate world has seen a dip in the dealings be it leasing, buying or selling, especially in the recent times. In today’s tough economic times, making a new customer is challenging and so is retaining an existing one. Real estate agents have to be at their marketing best at all times and for it they need to be tech friendly.

You might be the best at what you do, but until you communicate it in the right way with the right tools, your efforts might be getting wasted. Technology and communication need to go hand in hand and failure in this issue can see you lag behind compared to your competitors. More importantly, there needs to be a balance between the two and to bring that balance in your profession you need to be working on both the aspects simultaneously. Everything from client communication, connecting with new customer database, sales pitch, after sales service and other such interactions need to be done effectively with the help of technology.

Being in the real estate business, you might have noticed that the presentation or bidding of a real estate agent lacking in the technological aspect affects the whole deal. So instead of

Killer Tips To Sell Your Property Quickly For The Maximum Value

If you’re thinking of selling your home, first check out local market conditions for your neighborhood. Depending on your area, there may be better/worse times to sell. If you’re ready to sell, here are some how-to options and common sense tips.

  1. Sell the home yourself (FSBO)

If you are inclined to sell the home yourself, you will be the responsible not only for marketing your property, but for supplying all real estate documents related to the transaction—including inspections, appraisals, etc. The process can be daunting, but there are numerous books and websites to assist you.

  1. List with a Discount/Flat Fee Broker

You may also choose to use a discount or flat fee broker to help you sell your property. Many discount brokers are able to assist you with marketing, open houses, disclosures, title/escrow, etc. Make sure you understand what services are covered under each pricing plan. Find out if your listing will be posted on a website, what signage will be available or if your home will be registered with the MLS (multiple listings service) in your area. Each broker is different, so it’s a good idea to get references from former clients.

  1. Utilize a Full Service Real Estate Agent/Brokerage

If you want to

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Repsonse Rates

Starting wholesalers are often overwhelmed by the task of crafting an impact-full real estate marketing letter. Lacking experience, it is difficult to guess the impact the various content items might have on lead conversion. Adding to the challenge, there are countless sources for advice on marketing content and combining or sampling the recommendations yields a marketing piece that’s unnecessarily long, complex or ineffective.

Marketing materials are usually near the top in terms of the most costly business expenses. Given this fact, its clear that a bad run with poorly constructed marketing campaigns can be enough to sink a new business. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to isolate the root cause of lackluster direct mail marketing results. The investor may unknowingly blame the target market segment for the results and redeploy the same bad marketing to a new segment. Avoid the guesswork and these costly mistakes by implementing the 5 key principles explored in this article.

Personalize Your Letters

It is important to personalize each of your marketing mail pieces. Think about it, when you pick up your mail, you tend to sort through and discard any items that are clearly junk mail or mass mailers. The same fate awaits your marketing pieces if

3 Real Estate Tricks to Get You More Business

I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years by running three different businesses. My current profession is a commercial photographer, where I get the pleasure of hanging out with real estate agents and business professionals most days. I’m one of those individuals who observe others. Their actions, their reactions, their genetics and their nature and the stuff that makes us tick. I have a vested interest in discovering the character of people. It’s actually so I can connect better with myself.

Real estate agents have much to benefit from in great interactions. So, how do you start? How do you get people to look your way and pay attention, desiring to do business with you?
I have some ideas that could help –

  1. Start with your advertising campaign – Does it reflect who you are, your style, and your personality? Do you incorporate a portrait in all of your ads, a symbol or something that sets you apart visually? If not, you’re missing out on advertising opportunities! If you are, is it a standard portrait or does it reveal some character?

One of the biggest mistakes is starting off with a non-existent or bad picture. Update ‘YOU’ all the time. People love